County Manager

The Davie County Manager is the chief administrator of county government who is responsible to the Davie County Board of Commissioners for the administration of departments of County government under the Board’s general control.  The County Manager ensures that the ordinances, resolutions, and laws are faithfully executed. 

North Carolina’s law authorizes the Council–Manager Form of Government (also known as the County-Manager Form of Government or Commission-Manager Form of Government) as set forth in N.C.G.S. 153A-82.  If the County Board of Commissioners takes no action in this respect, it then operates without a County Manager under the authority of Section 153A-76 of the North Carolina General Statutes. 

In North Carolina, all counties use the Council-Manager form of government to assist elected leaders in governing their respective communities and generally ensure that local governments operate efficiently and effectively. All power and authority to set policy rests with the Board of Commissioners who hires a manager with very broad authority to run the day-to-day operations of County government, while the commissioners focus on county policies. Employing a professional manager or administrator frees County elected officials from the administration of daily operations and gives them time to focus on the policy issues that will guide the future of the County. In addition to N.C.G.S. 153A-82 and Chapter 31 of the Davie County Code of Ordinance, the Davie County Manager is also responsible for:

  • supervision of County operations in accordance with the laws, ordinances, resolutions, regulations, policies, direction, and guidance decided upon by the Board of Commissioners;
  • preparing the annual budget and capital program needs to the Board of Commissioners;
  • developing and analyzing alternatives, and for implementation of policy approved by the Board of Commissioners; 
  • connecting the past and future while focusing on the present to build a modern organization that has both capacity and competence;
  • implementing and updating business processes, practices, and operations for the County government while using management tools, strategic planning, performance measurement, benchmarking, and program evaluation to ensure continuous improvement of operations as well as use of technologies to increase public outreach and access;
  • promoting ethical standards sustaining organizational excellence and promoting innovation;
  • aligning the County’s administrative systems with the values, mission, and policy goals defined by the community and elected officials.

County Manager
Brian Barnett
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