Clerk to the Board

Role and Duties

The Clerk to the Board, which is duly sworn into public office, serves as a link between the citizens and their government. The clerk is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serves at the pleasure of the Board.

The Clerk to the Board is officially responsible for the county seal and the retention of official records. The clerk attends all meetings of the Board of Commissioners, and records official actions, acts as custodian of all legal documents pertaining to the county and prepares a permanent record of meetings for future use, prepares and advertises notices of hearings and other issues as required by law, administers oaths of office, keeps track and coordinates board appointments and attests contracts and other legal documents on behalf of the County.

One of the most important services the clerk provides to the Board is assistance with preparations for meetings. The clerk is involved in preparing the agenda for Board meetings and in compiling background information for the Board's agenda packet.

Clerk to the Board

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