County Attorney


The county attorney, E. Edward Vogler, Jr., also plays a vital role in county administration. The county attorney is the legal advisor to the Board of Commissioners and all county officials. Under the direction of the county manager, the county attorney examines any written commitments made by the county and also approves all contracts or deeds.

Serves as;

  • General Counsel to the Board and Staff,
  • Counsel for the Planning Board,
  • Counsel for the Board of E & R,
  • Counsel for the Health Department,
  • Counsel for Tax Collections issues,
  • Counsel for the Utilities Department,
  • Counsel for the Department of Social Services in matters of protective services and child support, and
  • Serves on the Management Team and other various committees.


The duties of the county attorney also require that he stay abreast of trends and developments in the law and represent the county's interests in cases of litigation against county officials and employees.

Other duties of the county attorney include the interpretation and drafting of county ordinances and assisting all county departments in interpreting states statutes and regulations and federal statutes and regulations.