Davie County Strategic Plan

Moving With Purpose

In early 2017, Davie County approved plans to proceed with developing a strategic plan that would not only produce a workable plan for Davie County’s future, but also bring to the table, public partners who will play a pivotal role in developing real-world strategies that will ultimately move the county in the direction that is desired by the community at large.

Over the next several months, expect to hear more about the progress being made in developing this plan for Davie County’s future and visit this page frequently to stay up-to-date. Below are various links that can provide you with insight on our county, as well as help you understand how and why certain areas are being addressed.

Davie County Strategic Plan Initial Info and Timeline

Davie County Community Data:

NC County Map Book

The NC County Map Book is provided by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and includes data and map visualizations that highlight demographic, economic, health, and educational information from North Carolina's 100 counties.