Developmental, Mental Illness, Substance Use and Brain Injury

Mental Health Resources in Davie County (PDF) - How to access mental health services in a crisis and how to find specific resources for mental health issues.

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The Davie County Mental Health Advocates (DCMHA) strive to highlight the needs for mental health services, as well as supports and works with our local government to improve situations for Davie citizens. DCMHA recognizes insufficiencies in community education, local housing, community supports, area provider services and local transportation. Due to these insufficiencies, the group seeks ways to identify the barriers, assess the number of persons in need, and consider solutions. 

DCMHA is focused on fostering greater awareness in the community through story sharing and educational opportunities. Their primary goal is to create more support for the most vulnerable citizens so they can be more independent within the community and remain close to their natural family supports. 

The group formed in early 2022, and welcomes persons with diagnosed mental conditions or their family members to join us in our efforts. To learn more, email