About GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) performs the following services: database administration and maintenance, data collection
and editing, data distribution, mapping, tax parcel and land records mapping, Enhanced-911 addressing maintenance and support, and management of the County's online mapping application - ROKMaps.

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***2022 aerial imagery is now available in ROK

Click here for ROKMAPS 

ROKMAPS is an online mapping site providing users with GIS data in Davie County, North Carolina. Visit ROKMAPS to view the following GIS data: Addresses, Tax Parcels, Facilities, Planning, Utilities, Environmental, Emergency Services, Schools, and Civic Boundaries. 

For questions you may have regarding ROKMAPS services, please visit our FAQ site at ROKMAPS FAQs.

ROKMAPSFull - This image shows the interface for ROKMAPS mapping application.