General Assistance

General Assistance

The Davie County General Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance in emergency situations. This program is completely funded by the county who determines how the money is to be used.

Crisis Intervention Program

The Crisis Intervention Program provides emergency financial assistance to low income families or individuals who are faced with a heating or cooling related crisis. 

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance services provides short-term assistance to citizens in crisis when no other funds are available to alleviate the crisis.

Energy Assistance

This federally funded program provides one-time cash assistance for low-income families and individuals in meeting their winter heating costs.

Services to the Blind

Services to enable visually impaired persons to regain or maintain a level of safety and independence and remain in their current living and work situations. 

Transportation Services

Transportation services enable individuals for whom transportation is not otherwise available to have access to medical and health resources, shopping facilities, education, recreational, and employment and training opportunities. 

Contact Us

For questions about the General Assistance Program or how you can apply for this resource, please contact the Social Services Department at (336) 753-6250.