Work First

Work First offers services to enable Work First families to become gainfully employed and self-supporting.

Work First Family Assistance

This program provides a money payment and medical assistance to certain relatives and children when the children have been deprived of parental support and care due to the death, physical, or mental incapacity, continued absence of either parent from the home, or employment of one or both parents. For those families meeting the criteria for being employed, Work First Family Assistance is a time-limited program of periodic payments to assist in maintaining the family while the adult family members engage in activities to prepare for entering the workplace and becoming self-sufficient. 

Employment & Training Program

The Employment and Training Program requires non-exempt adult food stamp clients to cooperate with the Employment Security Commission (ESC) to seek employment. 

Contact Us

For questions about Employment and Training Program or about how to take advantage of this resource, please contact the Social Services Department at (336) 753-6180.