Volunteers are ordinary people who perform extraordinary work. Helping victims can be a rewarding experience if you have a desire to reach out to others and a willingness to learn. At Davie Center for Violence Prevention, we recognize the importance of volunteers. We encourage volunteers to use their time and talent to make a meaningful difference in Davie County. We provide through training, continuous educational opportunities, and support to volunteers so they feel confident in their work. 

Volunteer & Training Opportunities 

Volunteer training consists of 20 hours each year; training can be completed online and/or through training opportunities scheduled throughout the year.

Topics covered include but not limited to; sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, history of the agency, explanation of the agency's mission and services, advocacy and safety planning, cultural awareness and legal issues. Volunteers will learn the agency's polices and procedures for working with clients. There is special training on how to respond to a person in a crisis over the telephone as well as in person. 

After completing the training, volunteers will be equipped with the skills and resources necessary to take the following advocacy paths:

Hospital Advocates:
Respond to calls and/or provide hospital accompaniment to survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence during days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Court Advocates:
Assist court advocate and provide emotional support for survivors of domestic violence as they proceed through the court system. 

Crisis Hotline Advocates
Answer calls and provide crisis intervention on our 24-hour hotline Monday-Friday between 5 pm and 8:30 am or on weekends from 5 pm Friday-8:30 am Monday.
Educational Advocates:
Assist with teen dating/sexual violence prevention programs in Davie County schools. Assist the Outreach & Prevention Coordinator with teaching safety skills and boundaries to students. There will also be opportunities to attend community fairs and programs to provide information to the public about our services. 

Getting Started

All potential volunteers MUST pass a criminal background check.

Volunteer advocacy training is held periodically throughout the year, and all volunteers are encouraged to attend. Only those who complete the training are permitted to work one on one with victims.

Mailing Address:
172 South Clement Street - Suite 2
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Email: bpatti@daviecountync.gov

(336) 751-3451

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