Client Services

About the Center

Davie Domestic Violence Services and Rape Crisis Center (DDVS & RCC) provide continuous early and appropriate crisis intervention and support services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Davie County through a multi-disciplinary team concept. Through early identification and referral of victims by law enforcement, human resource agencies, and crisis calls DDVS & RCC is able to provide crisis intervention, support, and appropriate referrals through the judicial process and other victim assistance programs. Although a county agency, DDVS & RCC is approximately 82% grant funded.

Available Information

DDVS & RCC provides information about rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence laws, victims’ rights and compensation. Personal advocacy for court, hospital, magistrate’s office, and clerk’s office is provided by staff and trained volunteers. Domestic violence and sexual assault support groups are held weekly and facilitated by trained personnel. Upon request staff members provide individual counseling for clients. Appropriate referrals are made to law enforcement agencies, counseling services, and agencies that provide shelter, food, clothing, etc, both in Davie and adjacent counties.

Partnering With Law Enforcement

DDVS & RCC enjoys an encouraging relationship with law enforcement agencies in Davie County. The law enforcement professional often provides the first reassuring steps toward healing and recovery by offering immediate protective intervention and hope of lasting safety. The advocate from DDVS & RCC office is called in conjunction with law enforcement to provide emotional support, counsel, and assistance in risk reduction through advocacy in the magistrate’s office, court, resource, coordination, and follow up services, referrals, and therapeutic services. The victim must learn to interact quickly, honestly, and based on the hope and confidence gained through justifiable trust in DDVS & RCC, law enforcement, and court services, believe their personal safety can be assured over time.

Officers & Staff

DDVS & RCC has a field trainer program made up of deputies from the Davie County Sheriff’s Department and officers from the Mocksville Police Department. DDVS & RCC staff and the field trainers meet together every other month to study domestic violence and sexual issues and to find the best way to serve the victims of these crimes.