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The center was established in October 1976. It consolidated call receiving and dispatching for law enforcement, fire, emergency medical Services (EMS), and rescue organizations. Calls were then received on numerous seven digit numbers assigned to each separate agency. Basic 9-1-1 phone service was established and implemented in 1985. In 1993, a major improvement was made in 9-1-1 service countywide. This was the implementation of enhanced 9-1-1. With this came extensive street addressing countywide. The Davie County 911 Center is a separate department falling under the leadership of the Davie County Manager. Last year, for 2022, Davie County 911 Center processed 68,322 calls

Davie County 9-1-1 Communications is a state-certified Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD), Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) Center. This allows the Telecommunicator to give pre-arrival medical instructions.Staff are trained also in APCO Emergency Telecommunicator Certification (ETC), APCO Certificated Training Officer Certification (CTO). Division of Criminal Investigations (DCI).  

Davie County is a part of the North Carolina 911 State Emergency Service IP Network (ESINET). 
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In summary, this allows call routing routing based on the callers location, enhances text to 911 reliability, and greatly enhances disaster preparedness capabilities. 

We utilize the Central Square pro suite CAD (computer aided dispatch) software. 
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It allows us to dispatch by the closest responding agency location. 

Davie County utilizes the Viper 800 network for radio service managed by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.
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Radio usage for 2022:
Davie Law Channel - 392,864
Davie EMS Channel - 248,882
Davie Fire Channel - 142,719

The 911 Center is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all events occurring within the boundaries of Davie County.   

The following is a list of agencies we provide services for:

  • Davie County Emergency Services (EMS, Fire Marshal's Offices)
  • All Davie County Fire Departments, including Courtney, Lone Hickory, Scotch-Irish
  • Davie County Rescue Squad 
  • Davie County Sheriff's Office, including Animal Control.  
  • Davie County Public Utilities (after hours) 
  • Town of Mocksville Public Utilities (after hours) 
  • North Carolina Forestry Service