Public Records Request

The Davie County Board of County Commissioners adopted a Public Records Policy at their November 4, 2019 regular meeting. The Public Records Policy provides a process to request public records. A links to the policy is below as well as a link to the request form.

Please note, this policy only applies to County of Davie public records.  Records requests for any municipality in Davie County (Bermuda Run, Cooleemee or Mocksville) must be submitted directly to the municipality.

A records request is made when the form is submitted.  The form is routed to the County Attorney for initial review and then forwarded on to the department which is the custodian of the public record.  The department records custodian will produce the records and notify the County Attorney to review the records for any information which, by law, cannot be released. After review, the County Attorney then notifies the individual making the request that the records are available.

*North Carolina General Statute G.S. 132-1.4(1) sets a maximum retention period for 911 telephone and radio recordings to be 30 days from the date of the incident.

Link to Public Records Request Policy

Link to the Public Records Request Form