Yard Waste Collection Facility

The Davie County Department of Public Utilities is pleased to offer yard waste collection through a partnership with Wallace Farm located at 221 Wallace Farm Ln in Advance. Wallace Farm provides a wide-range of agricultural services, but will now offer their facility as a location where yard waste can be accepted and then processed and converted into a number of green, reusable products. The County recognizes the need to provide residents with green recycling options and Wallace Farm specializes in making sure yard waste is properly disposed of, but also in a manner where the waste is reusable. Their ability to collect yard waste from residents and convert into a wide range of compost, soil and mulch products is a service the County believes is an important and responsible service for residents.

About Wallace Farm
Wallace Farm has operated a successful compost facility in Mecklenburg County since the 1960s. Their second facility is now located in Davie County and officially opened in November of 2015. The facility is located on 225 acres on Lee Jackson Drive in Advance, and currently employs fifteen workers, four of whom are from Davie County.
Additional information on Wallace Farm and yard waste receiving in Davie County.