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Davie County Public Utilities Reminds You;

If You Are Moving? Don’t Forget to Stop Your Utilities Account
If you are planning to move, remember to stop your Davie County Public Utilities account. Notify Utility Billing office (336-753-6090) at least one day prior with the date you want your services stopped and your new mailing address. This will ensure that your final bill is processed correctly and that your account will be closed.

If you don't contact Utility Billing, you could be responsible for paying the utility bills at your old address until a new account is initiated by a new resident or owner.


Jockey International Fire Flow Testing June 29th 2018
Jockey International will be doing annual fire flow testing June 29th 2018. This may cause some discoloration in the water supply in the area. If this may occurs please contact Davie County Public Utilities at (336) 753-6090.

​The Davie County Board of Commissioners approved the new system development fee policy January 2, 2018, effective June 30 2018.

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Electronic Recycling Dates for 2018
January 27th 2018
April   28th 2018
July 28th 2018
October 27th 2018

2016 Davie County Drinking Water Quality Report (5-9-2017)
2017 Collection Annual Report (1-22-2018)
2017 Cooleemee WWTP Report (1-22-2018)
2017 Sewer Allocation Policy (5-1-2017)

**Design and Construction Standards**

e-Billing is Here!

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Online Bill Payment

Public Utilities customers can now pay their water bill online with a credit or debit card. To the left of this announcement you will see "Online Payments"  which will take you to an information page and a kink to a secure site for payment.
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Compare Rates

To view and compare rates of other water utilities in North Carolina visit the UNC Environmental Finance Center's website by clicking here. Compare Rates

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