Capital Improvement Plan

2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan

2016-2020 Capital Improvement Plan


More than $3 million is allocated for Viper/VHF Communication System Improvements in the 2016-2020 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). What will this investment provide Davie County?
The current radio system that provides emergency communication services has been in place since the early 1980s. Due to recent federal regulations, the last update to the current system cut our ability to operate effectively in half. This update resulted in our current system operating at only 50% for the past two years causing a multitude of issues with emergency management and public safety efforts in Davie County.
The investment of the Viper/VHF Communication System will provide law enforcement with improved channels allowing for law enforcement and other emergency agencies to communicate with one another. In addition, this system will allow our local public safety providers to have the capability of communicating with State and Federal agencies when they are involved in situations in Davie County. The ability to communicate by radio between multiple agencies and providers will result in improved response time and safety measures for residents.
The county’s current system does not allow for any user to issue a mayday or call for help when needed. This is a necessity and could result in saving the life of a downed firefighter or a law enforcement officer needing assistance.
This system would also allow our communications system to operate securely. Since the Viper system is a managed system, all communications can be effectively monitored and controlled.
These are only a few of the reasons the Viper/VHF Communication System is considered to be a critical investment for Davie County.