East Davie Wastewater Information

System Development Fees for the Eastern Davie Sewer District
(new 11/7/2017)

Davie County System Development Fee Report -draft 11-7-17
Davie County System Development Fee Report -Final 1/17/18

Davie County Public Utilities presents the draft System Development Fee Report for public comment.  The County is soliciting and encouraging comments from the public on the attached sewer development fee analysis, pursuant to NCGS 162A Article 8. Public comments will be received for 45 days until December 28, 2017.  


East Davie Wastewater Information

September 5, 2018 Eastern Davie  Wastewater Collection System Update
Eastern Davie Sewer Area Report by Grey Engineering Inc., May 2, 2014 (New 11-19-2014)
This is a draft study that has not been reviewed by State regulatory staff. Its economic conclusions have been superseded by new developments related to the price of CCUC treatment. Additional alternatives are under consideration.