Who is the “Register of Deeds” and what does the “Register of Deeds Office” do?

Who is the Register of Deeds? 

The Register of Deeds is an elected official chosen by the people to serve as custodian and protector of the county’s important records.  The term of office for each Register of Deeds is four (4) years.

What Does the Register of Deeds Office Do?

The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for recording, indexing, maintaining, and preserving all real estate documents like deeds, deeds of trust, assignments, and satisfactions, as well as, indexing plat maps, recording Power of Attorney forms, and often recording some civil memorandums and agreements.  The office also issues marriage licenses and provides certified copies of vital records (such as birth, death, and marriage certificates) upon request.  Further, the Register of Deeds Office oversees all Notary Public appointments and administers the Notary Oath for all incoming notaries within the county. Last, but not least, the Register of Deeds Office records, maintains, and preserves all military discharge papers for veterans, as well as, indexes UCC filings, and records Certificates of Assumed Name forms for small businesses.  

Davie County’s land records date all the way back to 1837 and Davie County’s first marriage license dates back to 1868!!

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1. Who is the “Register of Deeds” and what does the “Register of Deeds Office” do?
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