Does the Library have free Wi-Fi?

Yes! The library has free high-speed Wi-Fi at both the Mocksville Library and the Cooleemee Branch Library. Please select the network Davie-Guest – DCPL and agree to the terms of use through an internet browser.

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1. For how long may books be checked out?
2. Do you have personal computers for the public to use?
3. What time does the library close? Is the library open on weekends?
4. Can I fax something from the library?
5. Can I make color copies at the library?
6. Does the library have legal forms that I can use?
7. Does the Library have free Wi-Fi?
8. Can I print from home or from my phone to the library?
9. How can I find out if a book is available?
10. I want to volunteer for the library – how do I go about getting signed up?
11. Do you have anyone who works in the Local History Room?