Address Information

Address Changes


Why do I need to change my address?

  • Your address may be out of sequence.
Address numbers on a street should be in order from low to high. 

  • More than two houses use the same driveway.
The driveway needs to be named. 
Multiple homes cannot share the same address.

  • Safety
Helps emergency responders locate you quickly in an emergency.
Utility Services – connections and outage repair
Correct delivery of mail and packages

Who needs to be notified?

Questions & Answers

  1. What if online mapping services like Google Maps or other GPS services can't find my address?  Please visit this informational website to learn how to report an online mapping error:
  2. What if I use a P.O. Box? A P.O. Box can still be used for your mail. The address change only affects the address of your home.
  3. Does the County pay for any expenses related to the address change? No, The County does not assist with any costs associated with the address change. 
  4. What about my property deed? No changes need to be made to your property deed. 

How to Display Your Address

Use Large Numbers
Numbers should be at least 4" high

Visibility at Night
Use reflective numbers
Put under a light if possible

Visibility From Both Directions
If numbers are on your mailbox, they should be put on both sides.
Near the Road
Helpful if the house is not visible from the road

 Long or Shared Driveways
 Post all numbers at the end of the driveway
 Post correct number on each building

*Davie County Code of Ordinances*