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North Carolina Senior Games is a year round health promotion and wellness education program for older adults. Davie County Senior Services is proud to be the agency that provides the local Senior Games program. The local games offer competitive and non-competitive sports events for seniors 50 and older. Various games offered include horseshoes, basketball, bocce, tennis, golf, bowling, ping pong, etc. Games are typically held throughout April and May.

SilverArts provides a stage for the creative talents of visual, heritage, literary, and performing artists. Categories include knitting, crocheting, painting, quilting, woodworking, pottery, photography, poems, short stories, and much more. If you can sing, dance, tell a funny story, read a poem, perform a dramatic reading or skit, we need you for the Performing Arts section of SilverArts. 

Winners of the local games can go on to compete in State Games if desired. Every two years, the state games winners can move on to the national competition if desired.

Davie County Senior Games is open to anyone 50 or older who is a resident of Davie County.  Applications are available each year in February at Senior Services or on the website. One small participation fee covers competition in all SilverArts events, most Senior Games events, as well as, opening and closing ceremony events and meals. A a great souvenir t-shirt is also included in the price.

For more information regarding Senior Games and SilverArts, contact Davie County Senior Services at 336-753-6230.