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Davie County has compiled GIS data from various sources and makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, including without limitations the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. GIS data is not a land survey and all information shown within the GIS data should be verified by a NC licensed surveyor. Users are encouraged to notify the GIS Department of inconsistencies in the data so that corrections can be made to the primary data sources.

To download any data set listed below:

(1) Click on the link in the Download column(either Go To Folder or Go To Site) and you will be directed to the appropriate location.

(2) If you click Go To Folder, you will be directed to the County's online data repository - WebLink.  From inside the folder, you can right-click on a data type and select "Download Selected Entries", or check multiple data types and then right-click and "Download Selected Entries". The data will then save to your computer as a compressed .zip file from which you can extract the GIS shapefile, personal geodatabase(pgdb) or file geodatabase(fgdb).  Personal and file geodatabases are specific to esri ArcGIS software.  You can visit ESRI for more information.

(3) If you select Go To Site, you will be redirected to another website where that data is hosted.

If you experience any problems downloading data or have questions about the content of the data sets, please contact the Technology Solutions Department, GIS Division at 336-753-6040 and ask to speak to a GIS staff person.

Note: Aerial Imagery is provided by NCOneMap.      Flood map data is provided by NCFloodmaps.

Additional details and a brief description of the layers in each category(type)

Type File Name Download
Addresses and Streets Addresses and Streets Go To Folder
Aerial Imagery Aerial Photos Go To Site
Building Data Building Data Go To Folder
Census Data Census Data Go To Folder
Civic Boundaries Civic Boundaries Go To Folder
Environmental Floodzones Go To Site
Environmental Data Elevation, Soils, Stream Data Go To Folder
Planning Data Planning & Zoning Data Go To Folder
Schools Schools Go To Folder
Tax Parcels Tax Parcels Go To Folder