How to E-File

How to E-Record with the Davie County Register of Deeds Office:

The Davie County Register of Deeds Office is currently accepting all documents (including plats) via electronic recording or "e-filing." E-filing is an alternative way of recording documents without the need to physically visit the office in person.  We, of course, are still happy to accept documents for manual recording via the traditional methods of walk-ins, scheduled appointments, and mail.

Law offices, financial institutions, title companies and the like often choose to e-file which eliminates the need for travel and time spent out of the office.  If you would like to submit documents to the Davie County Register of Deeds Office for recording electronically, you must first select one of our authorized e-Recording providers listed below:

Once you have chosen which provider you would like to use, please contact them directly at the number or email address listed above and they will instruct you on completing a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU").  Once you have signed and submitted the MOU back to the provider, they will forward the signed MOU to our office for approval.  Then, you will be contacted by the provider when your access to e-recording has been granted.  

For more information on e-filing, please call our office at (336) 753-6080.

How to E-Record a Plat