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New Online Vital Records Request Option

The Davie County Register of Deeds Office is pleased to announce a new online service where you can request, pay, and receive birth, death, and marriage certificates without physically coming into the office. Our "Get Certificate Now" program allows you to request certified or uncertified copies of any Davie County birth, death, or marriage records for people who were born, died, or whose marriage license is filed in Davie County.  You simply place your order, pay with a credit or debit card, and we will receive the request, process it for you, and mail it out to the address you provide. You also have the option of picking up your orders in person once they have been completed. Get Certificate Now is a convenient, safe alternative to mailing in a request or physically coming into the office for copies of your vital records.  Click the link on the left entitled "(New!) Request for Vital Records Online" for more information on requesting vital records and to access the online portal!

alert symbolNew Property Fraud Alert Notification System

The Davie County Register of Deeds Office has recently added a Property Fraud Alert Notification System.  This free online service for Davie County citizens, residents, and property owners sends an email notifying a registered user any time a submitted name matches any document being recorded in the Davie County Register of Deeds Office.  Get notified so you can verify and see what’s being recorded in your name! Whether it’s for you, your business, or an elderly family member, register for this service to stay updated as to the documents you expect to see and even those that you don’t. The email notification you receive will provide the date, time, and location of the document for you to see the image in our online records. Click here to sign up now!

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New Online Marriage License Application 

The Davie County Register of Deeds Office has recently added a safe and convenient online marriage license application submission portal.  Visit if you are planning to get married within the next sixty (60) days and need to apply for your marriage license.  Applicants must still physically come into the office at a later date to provide proper identification, take a marriage oath, sign the forms, and pay the required $60 fee, but they will save time by having the required information already filled out. This service is offered to applicants in both English and Spanish. Once the application is submitted electronically to the Register of Deeds Office, the applicants should call the office at (336) 753-6080 within 15 days to finalize the application process and pick up their marriage license.  Anyone wishing to get married, should visit to read the instructions and complete the free confidential form to obtain a marriage license application.