Davie County Child Welfare Accountability

We believe in both the rights of families to raise their children without government intrusion and the right of all of children to be protected from abuse and neglect. These two fundamental rights seem simple as separate concepts, but balancing these equally important values within a mandated and highly regulated system may be a challenge. Child welfare is an incredibly complex system, both in terms of the abundance of overlapping state and federal laws and regulations which govern the scope and practice of social work and in terms of the complexity and sensitivity of the issues central to the work.


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1. Davie County Child Welfare Accountability
2. How do I apply for benefits/services?
3. How do I get a work permit for a minor?
4. Do I need an appointment?
5. How do I become a foster parent?
6. How do I report a child being mistreated?
7. How do I report abuse of neglect of an elderly person?