Safety Manual

- Table of Contents -

1 - Safety Policy - Safety Committee

1A. Safety Policy Statement

1B. Safety Leadership Responsibilities

1C. Safety Committee Representatives Responsibilities

1D. Public Utilities Safety Team Responsibilities

2 - Notices & Recordkeeping - Injury Reporting - Return to Work

2A. Notices and Recordkeeping

2B. Steps to Reporting Injuries

2C. Employee Accident - Injury Report

2D. WC Injury Verification

2E. NCACC Prescription FirstFill Form

2F. Incident Investigation Report

2G. Witness Statement Form

2H. Notices and Recordkeeping Safety Inspection Form

Review and Revision Signatures - Section 2

3 - Training Records

3A. Employee Safety Training

3B. Employee Training Record per Department

3C. Safety Scavenger Hunt

3D. Employee Safety Training Inspection Sheet

4 - Emergency Preparedness - Fire Prevention Safety

4A. Emergency Preparedness Plan

4B. Fire Prevention Plan

4C. Emergency Contact Numbers

4D. Disaster Event or Drill Evaluation Report

4E. Fire Event or Drill Evaluation Report

4F. Emergency Preparedness - Fire Prevention Inspection Sheet

5 - Hazard Communications

5A. Hazard Communication

5B. OSHA QuickCard Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram

5C. OSHA Fact Sheet SDS revisions 12.2013

5D. HazMat Inventory Blank Sheet

5E. Hazard Chemical Training Sheet

5F. Hazard Communication Plan Safety Inspection Sheet

6 - Facility Safety - Electrical Safety - Vehicle Safety

6A. Facility and Electrical Safety

6B. OSHA Workplace Safety and Health Management Systems Fact Sheet

6C. Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Safety

6D. Electrical Safety Inspection Sheet

6E. Material Handling and Storage Safety Inspection Sheet

6F. Walking and Working Surfaces Safety Inspection Sheet

6G. Ergonomics Workstation and Office Safety Inspection Sheet

7 - Personal Protective Equipment - Respiratory Protection

7A. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protection

7B. SCBA Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

7C. SCBA Air Tank Maintenance Log

7D. PPE and Respiratory Protection Safety Inspection Sheet

8 - Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

8A. BBP Exposure Control Plan Overview - Category Definitions

8B. Exposure Control Policy for High Risk Departments

8C. CDC Vaccine Information Statement - Rabies

8D. Blood Borne Pathogen Safety Inspection Sheet

9 - Confined Spaces

9A. Confined Spaces

9B. Confined Space Entry Checklist - Permit

9C. Confined Space Safety Inspection Sheet

10 - Trenching - Excavation

10A. Trenching and Excavation Safety

10B. Trench Design Checklist

10C. Trenching - Excavation Safety Inspection Sheet

11 - Construction Safety

11A. Construction Safety

12 - Process Safety

12. OSHA 2201 General Industry Digest 2014


Review & Revision Signatures (March 6, 2018)

Safety Training Log (March 6, 2018)