Nest Services FAQ

Tips for successful easy as ABC.

A Arrive 10 minutes early-  gives time to check in, get settled, and prepare for session.

   All important members on board- important people to your child play a vital role in your child's healing.

   Ask questions-we value your role and concerns and invite you to get more information.

B Be patient with process- counseling does not always feel good; that's ok as growth often happens in the hard moments.

    Be honest with counselor- we can be helpful only as much as you are willing to let us.

    Be proactive- we encourage and teach responsibility and accountability.

C Complete homework-  this is when skills are learned to help meet your goals.

    Come open to change- this can be scary; but new situations are opportunities ripe for learning.

    Co-Create with your counselor- we invite you to create what is most helpful for you and your family together.