The Nest Family Counseling Center

"Nurturing, Equipping, Strengthening, Together"

About Us

The Nest Family Counseling Center, the Behavioral Health Division of Davie County Public Health Department, provides mental health and behavioral health services to children ages 3-18 years and their caregivers who are residents of Davie County.  The Nest Family Counseling Center offers an array of services and has expertise in meeting the specific needs of children and adolescents. The initial intake appointment takes place at 172 South Clement Street; Suite 1 (across from town hall).  Our warm and welcoming clinical staff bring a wealth of treatment experience working with children and families and utilize evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat disorders related to anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity and inattentiveness, adjustment, social skills, low self esteem, obsessiveness and compulsions, conduct difficulties, attachment, and grief and loss.  Additionally, we are excited to be the first clinical team in Davie County to bring Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, TF-CBT, as the "gold" standard for the treatment of trauma related disorders of children and adolescents through staff members who are trained and rostered through the rigorous NC Child Treatment Program


We understand the process of selecting counseling is for many one that takes much courage and time.  From our name to our intake process; we are here to assist.  Our friendly and helpful office staff are able to answer many of your questions whether payment related or general office hours.  Our highly skilled and family centered clinical staff include a licensed clinical social worker and licensed professional counselors who have expertise and an ongoing passion for working with children and families.  Physicians are available through the Health Department to assist with medication management ifdeemed necessary.  

Initial Appointment "Intake"

We are a child centered and family focused treatment center meaning we view children's treatment success highly correlated to caregiver involvement.  From the first appointment referred to as the "Intake" appointment, our clinicians gain valuable information through both interviews and assessment tools involving both the referred child and caregiver to complete a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment.  

Please bring as applicable:  insurance card, name and number of family physician, any recent medical, educational, and or behavioral test results, school records such as IEP and or disciplinary correspondences,  list of current and recent medications, and guardianship order.  

To ensure the highest level of interaction, diagnosis, treatment planning and safety; we have an established policy to reschedule appointments where any child under 16 is left unsupervised on Nest grounds.  We recommend making arrangements for siblings to remain at home, school, or daycare as the Intake appointments average 2 hours which may result in distress for younger children.  

During the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment, our clinicians utilizes additional family clinical assessment tools to identify strengths, opportunities for improvement, and the dynamics of the family.  Our Comprehensive Clinical Assessments are the entry point where we gain valuable information about your family's needs and strengths and together develop a treatment plan tailored to the goals you wish to achieve during our work together.  

Evidence-Based Practices

Our goal is to bring the most effective treatment models to our neighbors in Davie County.  The Nest Family Counseling Center utilizes several nationally recognized evidence- based practices to promote success for broad range of ages and needs of our clients.  Currently we offer both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Affordable Payment Options

We accept Medicaid, NC Health Choice, BCBS, MedCost and most other insurance carriers. For clients with no insurance coverage or other financial barriers, fees are determined by a sliding scale based on income and need utilizing Davie County Public Health policy.  Additionally, we also accept cash, check, and debit/credit cards.