Citizen Reporting

What is Citizen Reporting?

Citizen Reporting provides a system for the public to enter service requests online and to receive updates about the status of the request. The system uses a map to locate the requests and filters request types by location and responding agency.

What can I report/request?

  • Leaking or Faulty Septic System
  • Mobile Home Park Problem
  • Odor Complaint
  • Restaurant Complaint
  • Trash Problem

How do I create a request?

Follow these steps to create a request...

  • Visit the Citizen Reporting site
  • Create your account so you can create a request and receive updates on your requests or follow other requests. Anonymous requests are not allowed. This insures that information and updates can be provided to the person making the request.
  • At the top of the map, click “Create Request” or “Find Address”
  • Choose a method to create the request: By Address, Click on Map, General Request or My Location (must have GPS enabled on your smartphone or tablet to use My Location).
  • Select the type of request from the drop-down, take a picture, add your notes and click OK.
  • Add plenty of descriptive information for the staff person to understand the request and to help with their investigation.

What happens with my request?

An email is delivered to the agency responsible for that request type and the staff person who will investigate. You will receive email updates as work is completed on the request. Updates may include additional questions or comments from the staff person.

Once the request is completed, you will receive a confirmation email completing the request.

Can I follow other requests?

Yes. If another request interests you, zoom into the map at that location, click on the request and click “Follow” on the request information on the lower left side of the information box.

 If you follow a request, you can see any progress or comments added to the request.