Planning & Zoning Processes

Residents may be required or elect to go through one or more of the development processes:

Process Purpose Application/Forms
Rezoning/Zoning Map Amendment  This is required anytime a property owner wants to use their property in a manner that is not consistent with their current zoning designation.  Zoning Amendment Application Package
Special Use Permit This is required when an applicant wants to use a property for a use that is generally consistent with the zoning district, but because of special circumstances requires an additional review by the Board of Adjustment. A Special Use Permit is required anytime an “S” appears in the Table of Uses 155.125 of the Zoning Ordinance.  Special Use Permit Application
Variance The variance process is a method of enabling property owners to make use of their property in a way that conflicts with the literal interpretation of the Zoning or other land use Ordinance. The Variance grants relief from the Ordinance. Use variances are not permitted under NC state law.  Application Package for a Variance
Appeal of a Zoning Officer’s Decision The Board of Adjustment shall hear and decide appeals from decisions of the zoning enforcement officer charged with the interpretation and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance or any other ordinance that regulates land use or development.  There is no application form as the appeal is submitted in writing to the county clerk.
Building Permit This is required for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, relocation, removal or demolition of any building or structure; the installation or extension or general repair for any plumbing system, electrical wiring, devices or equipment. Building permits are also required when a change of use or occupancy occurs within a building or site. Applications, Forms & information