Odor Concerns

Information on Odor Concerns

How to Report Odor Concerns:

Please use Request Tracker to report an odor concern.  This system records the location, date, time and information related to the concern.


Once you are at the Request Tracker page, follow these steps to report the odor concern:

  • Click on Odor Concerns
  • Choose Proceed As Guest
  • Complete the Odor Concerns Form
  • Click Submit when finished

Required information for reporting an odor concern:

When reporting an odor or other concern, the following information will assist in responding to your concerns:

  1. Your name, address, contact phone and/or email.
  2. Detailed description of the odor (with comparison to something real - fishy, trash, sewage, rotten egg, etc.). Subjective words such as horrible, obnoxious, etc. should be avoided.
  3. Specific date and time of day when the odor was present.
  4. Weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation, etc.)
  5. Persistence of odor, if applicable.
  6. If applicable, what effects are you experiencing?

NC Department of Environmental Quality Additional Information 

The NC DEQ also encourages citizens to contact the following individuals directly if more information is needed regarding a composting facility permit. 

Kim Sue
North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
Division of Waste Management 
Solid Waste Section
Wallace Farm, Inc. (Composting Facility)
Eric Wallace 
Wallace Farms, Inc. (Composting Facility)
Dean Lentz
Gallins Family Farm (Composting Facility)
Peter Gallins