Support the Library

The Davie County Public Library gratefully accepts monetary donations. Donations may be made in memory or in honor of someone special. Books or other library materials are purchased with these funds, a memorial plate is inserted in books, and names are entered in the Book of Memory. Donations are also made to support library programs such as the Summer Reading Program. All donations are acknowledged.

Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that librarians have the authority to make whatever disposition she/he deems advisable. Books and materials must be in usable condition. The library is not responsible for appraising donated books and other materials. An acknowledgement will be sent of the number of materials donated.

Donations to the Davie County Public Library are tax deductible.

Donations may also be made to the Mary and Jane McGuire Library Trust Fund through the Davie Community Foundation. This fund was created to support the activities of the Davie County Public Library.