Genealogy & Local History

Davie County History

The Library’s Martin-Wall Local History Room contains a treasure trove of resources on Davie County history and families. Browse the print collection including general genealogy books, Davie County census records, cemetery and marriage records, as well as specific family histories.  Our vertical files include local history subjects and these indexes can be accessed in the Document Portal below under History Room Research Tools.

Requests for information and copies may be made via mail or phone, or by completing the Contact Us form.  Due to limited staff size, we cannot perform extensive searches or copying. Please be specific in research requests. Requests will be handled as expeditiously as possible.  A fee for up to 10 copies and/or postage may apply.

Explore our online Document Portal for newspaper and obituary files, and other research topics including the following plus more:
  • Bible Records
  • Boone family files
  • Boone files in the Howell Boone special collection
  • Church history
  • Davie County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletters and Index
  • Davie Historians
  • Davie Records
  • Newspapers 1899-
  • Obituaries Pre 1920-
  • Special Collections
  • Vignettes on Davie History
Additional online files may be consulted at:

Genealogy Databases

Enjoy access to the following research databases:
  • HeritageQuest may be used inside the library or from a remote location
  • Ancestry Library Edition may be used while inside the library
  • Fold3 to explore historical military records, from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm; may be used within the library or from a remote location.  You do not need to have an account with Fold3 to access the content.  Must be accessed from browser other than Internet Explorer.  
  • FamilySearch may be used from a library computer with the creation of a free account.  

Ready to dive deeper?

Explore additional genealogy and local history resources on the Genealogy Resources page prepared by DCPL with the help of our Genealogical Research Volunteer, Barbara Harvel.  The page also includes resources for greater North Caroline and the United States.

 Allen Dew has compiled a comprehensive listing of Davie County cemeteries with their GPS coordinates and listing of interments based on the cemetery books published by the Davie County Historical & Genealogical Society. See his site, Cemetery Census, for this information.

History Help Desk

Looking to start your family tree? Need to brainstorm ways around a brick wall in your research? Having trouble using a digital genealogy resource? Let us help you in your search! Complete our form to schedule an appointment for a 20 minute consultation.


Several books are available for purchase.  To purchase a book while the library building is closed to the public, mail a check for the cost of the book plus $5.00 for shipping to the library.  Please note that different items may require separate checks.

Checks to Davie County Public Library:
  • History of Davie County Hardback by James W. Wall   $8.00 
  • Historic architecture of Davie County, North Carolina by Kirk Franklin Mohney   $8.00
Checks to Marie Craig:
  • History of Davie County Schools by Marie Craig $38.00
  • Davie County in World War One by Marie Craig $40.00
  • Davie County Veterans' Memorial by Marie Craig $28.00
  • Remembering Davie County Protection Personnel by Marie Craig $12.00
  • Mary Ellen's Diary, 1924 by Marie Craig $10.00
Checks to Davie County Heritage Book:
  • Davie County Heritage Book $40.00
Checks to Charles Crenshaw:
  • Looking Back at Davie County II by Crenshaw/Smith $40.00
Checks to Marcia Phillips:
  • Davie County Maverick by Marcia Phillips $18.00
Checks to Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society (DCHGS):
  • Davie County: A brief history Paperback by James W. Wall for    $1.50
  • The Boone Families in Davie County by Howell Boone Wall and Flossie Martin    $3.00
  • Davie County Marriages 1836 - 1900 by Nancy K. Murphy  $20.00
  • Davie County Marriages 1901 - 1959 by Nancy K. Murphy  $20.00
  • Davie County Cemeteries: Volume I and Volume II by Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society  $54.00
  • 1850 Federal Census - Davie County by Forsyth Genealogical Society  $10.00
  • 1860 Federal Census - Davie County by Nancy K. Murphy and Everette Sain  $15.00
  • 1870 Federal Census - Davie County by Nancy K. Murphy and Everette Sain  $15.00
The Davie County Cemeteries Volume I Index and Davie County Cemeteries Volume II Index are available online for reference.

Several maps are available for purchase.  Maps may also be laminated for $1.00.

Checks to Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society:
  • Hughes Historical Documentation Map (pre-1800) $1.00
  • Lagle Land Grant Map (late 1700s)  $2.00
  • 1887 Alderman map $1.00
  • 1928 Merrell map  $1.00
The Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society meets in the Martin-Wall History Room on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Visit the Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society website for more information.