Internet Search

Internet Safety Tips

Learn about how to be safe while on the Internet.

Kid Safe Sites

Now that you have learned more about Internet safety try using some of these search engines to find the information you need. Many others, including ones specific to NC, are listed on the Kids Homework Help page.

Ask for Kids
Just type in a question and click Ask! Actually a word or two works just as well as a whole question.
CyberSleuth Kids
An Internet guide for K-12 kids (warn your students about the ads).
Great Websites for Kids
Offered by the American Library Association.
Kids Click
A web guide and search tool for kids put together by librarians. Fifteen major categories each with several subcategories, this site has a look similar to Yahoo.
Search engine just for kids & children - searching safe and clean sites.
A fun and safe search for kids, by kids [Don't let T-Rex scare you!].
A powerful Internet metasearch engine developed for kids (targeted for kids above 10).