At the Voting Place

Precinct Location

Check your precinct location for Election Day.

Properly Registered

On entering the voting place, give your name, address, and primary party to the election officials. If you are properly registered, one of the precinct judges of elections will set your ballot on the iVotronic machine and you will be allowed to vote.

Not Properly Registered

If precinct officials are unable to locate your registration record and the elections office can not verify you are registered, you may be allowed to vote a provisional ballot. After filling out the envelope with accurate information and completing a voter registration form the voter will vote a paper ballot that will be placed in a sealed envelope and given to the precinct official for return to the elections office for consideration and counting by the Board of Elections.

Easy Steps to Voting

  • To vote: Use your finger to press inside the box to the right of your choice(s). When selected, your choice highlights and an "X" appears in the box
  • To continue, press the "Next Page" box. To review, press the "Previous Page" box. You must "View" all pages of the ballot(s) before casting your vote
  • When finished making your choices, press the lighted red "Vote" button to record
  • If assistance is needed, please ask the precinct officials