Environmental Health

Davie County's Environmental Health staff are dedicated to providing excellent quality services in a timely manner. Field staff usually can be reached in the office from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, but our office is always staffed with someone to assist you.


Child Care Program

The county's child care program regulates laws and rules concerning the sanitation and environmental protection of children and the public’s health as they relate to child day care facilities.

Communicable Disease Program

This program investigates, monitors, and takes corrective action when warranted as mandated by state statutes concerning communicable disease reporting.

Food and Lodging Institutional Program

The program enforces all state laws and rules concerning the protections of the public’s health that relate to the following establishment types: restaurants, food stands, school lunchrooms, hotels / motels, local confinement facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, summer camps, bed and breakfasts, homes and inns, and meat markets.

General Environmental Health Program

The general environmental health program monitors and regulates the following areas: general complaint investigation, manufactured mobile home parks and other environmental health concerns affecting the public’s health.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

The prevention program monitors and regulates laws and rules concerning lead poisoning and children.

On-Site Waste Water Program

The waste water program provides on-site evaluations prior to any construction to verify that a site is suitable to support an individual on-site waste water system.

Private Water Supply Program

The water supply program assists citizens in analyzing their private water supplies and provides assistance in correcting any identified problems.

Public Swimming Pool Program

The county's program enforces all laws and rules concerning the construction and operation of public swimming pools.

Tattooing Program

Enforcement of all laws and rules as mandated by statute are handled by the tattooing program.