About the Data

Davie County Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Public Health, has been tracking and reporting COVID-19 data in Davie County since the very beginning of the pandemic. Our 'COVID-19 Updates' were shared one or two times a week on our website, on Facebook, and by text/email through Newsflashes. This new webpage will help us shift into long-term management of COVID-19. This new webpage includes in-depth data on COVID-19 community levels, cases, deaths, vaccinations, and more. The webpage features embedded dashboards with local data directly from North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) and from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The new webpage will replace the familiar Davie County weekly COVID-19 Updates moving forward.  

There will be a noticeable difference between county reported numbers and those you see on the new webpage. The new webpage numbers lag behind what is reported in real time by your local health department, but these numbers will ultimately align. At this point in the pandemic, we believe general trends are much more helpful to the community.  

Unfortunately, the embedded NCDHHS dashboards on our new page are not available in any languages other than English. Spanish speakers can call (336) 753 – 6779 or (336) 753 – 6750, option 3, to be paired with an interpreter who can assist them, at no cost. We apologize for any trouble this may cause. As with every page on our website, there is an option to translate to other languages with the ‘Google Translate’ button at the top of the page. That being said, the NCDHHS embedded dashboards showing Cases, Deaths, and Vaccinations, are only available in English. 

Data can be overwhelming and hard to understand, even for people who work with it every day. If you need help understanding the data, or have questions about this change, please call (336) 753-6779.