Community Paramedics

  1. What is the Community Paramedic Program?
  2. Community Information
  3. Home Safety Assessment

With the increasing cost and demand for health care, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies across the country are thinking outside the box and seeking ways to decrease costs and better serve their communities. One emerging practice found to be helpful is the creation of Community Paramedic Programs. Not only have these programs resulted in a decrease in medical costs, but they have improved the health of those participating. 

Community Paramedic Programs are created based on specific community needs and available resources. With the diversity of every state and county, no two programs will be the same. Davie County Emergency Medical Services (DCEMS) has chosen to focus on better serving our community and decreasing health care costs. This program includes, but is not limited to in-home visits, home safety checks and patient education. 

If you are interested in a home visit or have questions concerning the Davie County EMS Community Paramedic Program, please contact 336-753-6169.