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Hours of Operations:

Coming Soon

Daily Entry Fee:

$2 Adults

$1 Child

Click Here for Splashpad Rules

Aquatic Wheelchairs are available by request. These Aquatic Wheelchairs were funded through the Davie County Hospital Foundation Grant!

Restroom Locations: We have restrooms located inside on each side of the facility. From the enter/exit: 1) Men’s are located on the right while Women’s are located on the opposite side (past the front desk). 2) Turn left and proceed down the hallway to the other side.

Details: Our Vortex Splashpad is the largest (7,350 sf.) in North Carolina. Our Nature Splashpad Theme was decided by Davie County Residents in a design charrette meeting which includes LED lights for night time play. We have 3 quadrants designated for different age groups. The area includes 2 shaded picnic areas and 20+ lounge chairs. The Splashpad operates on a recirculating water system that focuses on water conservation. Everyone is welcome!