1. Communications (9-1-1)

    Learn the mission of the communications center and its history.

  2. Cooperative Extension

    Access information about the county's cooperative extension.

  3. County Manager

    Read the duties and responsibilities of the county manager and the assistance provided by the county attorney.

  4. Development & Facilities Services

    Browse the document library, access planning and zoning information, and view the services provided by the department.

  5. Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center

    Find help if you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault.

  6. Elections

    Access the 2012 elections schedule and filing periods.

  7. Emergency Medical Services

    Learn how Emergency Medical Services provide emergency care and assistance to those in need.

  8. Finance Department

    View the responsibilities and duties of the department and access budget information and financial reports.

  9. Health Department

    Access health resources, such as car seat checks, community health assessments, and heat related health risks.

  10. Public Library

  11. Recreation and Parks

    Davie County Recreation and Parks

  12. Register of Deeds

    Read the responsibilities and mission of the register and access forms, licenses, and vital records.

  13. Senior Services

    Discover the services provided to senior residents of the county and your opportunity to volunteer.

  14. Sheriff’s Office

    Find information about the county sheriff's office, its employees, and their services.

  15. Social Services

    View all the services and assistance provided by the Social Services department, covering all ages, daily needs, and emergencies.

  16. Soil & Water

    Discover the Davie County Soil and Water Conservation District.

  17. Tax Administration

    Learn the duties of the office, view tax listings, and find additional tax information.

  18. Public Utilities

    Access available resources for the water department.

  19. Technology Solutions

  20. Veteran Services

    Browse benefits and services available for military veterans and their dependents.