Understanding Your Property Tax Bill


Personal Value:
Value of personal property (machines, equipment, furniture, fixtures, permanent tagged trailers, boats, boat motors, untagged motor vehicles, and signs used by businesses.).

Real Value:
Value of real property (ex. land and buildings).

Elderly Exemption:
Some residents may quality for tax relief through an elderly exemption. For more information on this exemption and how to qualify, click here.

Deferred Value:

North Carolina allows eligible producers to apply for value deferment on the basis of present use rather than full market value, but must meet statutory requirements.

Taxable Value:
Taxable value is the value of property as determined by the Assessor using mass appraisal methods prescribed by North Carolina General Statute. Generally speaking, taxable value on your property tax bill can include real and personal property (this includes land) minus any deferment or exemption.



Why has my tax bill increased?
 A 10.8-cent real estate property tax increase is included in your real estate property tax bill. This makes the total property tax rate in Davie County 72.8 cents per $100 of property valuation. The increase in property tax rates is required to repay bonds that were sold to pay for the construction of a new Davie County High School. Voters approved the issuance of up to $54.5 million in GO bonds in May of 2014 and in April of 2015, the full amount of $54.5 million was issued.

When is my property tax payment due?
Property tax bills were mailed the middle of August and are due September 1st. Payments will be accepted prior to the due date. The last day to make tax payments without any interest charges is January 5, 2017. If you did not receive a property tax bill and you believe this is an error, please contact the Davie County Tax Administration office at (336)753-6120.
I have an escrow account with my mortgage company. Why did I receive a bill?
The property tax bill is mailed to the property owner each year.  Upon request from the escrow company the tax office will send a file containing balance information.

Is there a penalty for late payment?
The last day to pay without interest is January 5, 2017. Interest begins on January 6th at a rate of 2% first month and ¾% for each additional month.
I no longer own my property and I received a tax bill.
The owner of the property as of January 1, 2016 receives the tax bill. If the property has been sold, a proration is completed at closing and the office typically refers the taxpayers back to the closing attorney. The tax office mails out transfer notices to those who have transferred or sold property that have taxes still owed. This notifies the new owner of property taxes being due before they become late.