How Can I

  1. Apply for a Job

    View job listings and apply for open positions.

  2. Create a Citizen Request

    Citizen Reporting allows citizens to create requests for County and Town services like missing street signs, composting facility odor complaints, failing septic systems, non-emergency utility reports and more.

  3. Contact County Staff

    View the staff directory to find county staff contact information.

  4. Apply for a Marriage License

    How Do I Apply for a Marriage License?

  5. Pay Taxes

    Pay your taxes online through the county's tax payment center.

  6. Pay for a Permit

    Click here to Pay for Permits

  7. Request an Inspection

  8. Request a mechanical/electrical/plumbing Permit

    Request a mechanical/electrical/plumbing Permit

  9. Read County News

    Read news stories and updates within the county.

  10. Register to Vote

    Discover how and where to register yourself as a voter.

  11. Report a Missing Street Sign

    Report a missing streetname sign by completing the form.

  12. View County Events

    Browse the county calendar for upcoming events, programs, and meetings.

  13. View Vaccine Schedules